Support for project development

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Support for project development

Recently, we are often asked questions about how we can support the project. Therefore, we created the corresponding pages in the github with options in Russian and English. Thank you for helping us develop and stay available to you!

The project is financed by the authors’ own funds. You can support the development of the project in one of the following ways:

Project support by purchasing a gateway

It is currently possible to buy a DIY version of the gateway assembled Telegram

Support on Boosty

This community is established to support the development of the SLS project, the acquisition of new devices to add support, the review of these devices, and the coordination of further development paths.

For community members, first of all, we will hold a presentation of new devices and SLS capabilities, as well as regularly upload updates with new devices!

In a closed community chat, you can choose devices to prioritize for adding upcoming versions and offer ideas for developing the project.

Alternative project support option

You can also support the project using the: