Support for project development

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Support for project development

Recently, we are often asked questions about how we can support the project. Therefore, we created the corresponding pages in the github with options in Russian and English. Thank you for helping us develop and stay available to you!

The project is financed by the authors’ own funds. You can support the development of the project in one of the following ways:

Project support by purchasing a gateway

It is currently possible to buy a DIY version of the gateway assembled Telegram

Raising funds to purchase devices

To add support for the SLS Zigbee gateway for new devices, the integration of which is difficult without the presence of the device itself, it was decided to start targeted fundraising using a banking service from Tinkoff. You can add a device to this list through Issues, or by posting through other sources.

Disclaimer: By making a targeted donation, you support the authors of the project, this does not mean that the device will necessarily be added to the supported devices. The authors do not guarantee that after learning the methods and protocols of individual devices, it can be supported by the existing infrastructure.

List of devices to add support

1) Tuya Multi-Sensor 4 in 1 (Motion, Humidity, Light, Temperature) **link to donate** (collection)

2) Tuya Presence & Light sensor link to donate ( collection)

Alternative project support option

You can also support the project using the: YMoney Tinkoff PayPal